How Bespoke Mirrors Can Enhance Your Space


Bespoke mirrors can add sparkle, space and texture to any room in the house. Mirrors can be custom designed to suit any need from splash backs to bathroom vanities and island fronts to wall cladding. Here are a few ways you can use bespoke mirrors throughout your home.


In smaller kitchens nothing opens up the room more than a bespoke mirror splashback. Mirrors create the illusion the room continues as it reflects space back into the room. You can use bespoke mirrors as tile or have it made in custom panels to suit your needs. Mirror can also be used as the front  of an island as well as to cover cabinets. The beauty of mirror is it blends in beautifully to any style kitchen and also captures the light adding sparkle and brightness.


In the bathroom there is the obvious application above vanities, however you can also use mirror on walls to open up the space as well as provide a full view when getting dressed. Mirror is more substantial than glass and as in the kitchen it can make a small bathroom appear much larger. If you have a linen cupboard in the bathroom you can also place mirror on the doors for a crisp, modern look.


One of the nicest applications of bespoke mirror in the bedroom is on sliding closet doors. You will open the space while adding a convenient place to try on outfits and check out your look for the day (or an evening out). Bedrooms can utilize mirror behind bedside tables in narrow panels for a hint of interest that will also add sparkle. You can apply mirror to the back of the bedroom door if space is limited as an ideal full length mirror when getting dressed as well.

Entryways and Foyers

Entering the home is another ideal application for bespoke mirrors. You can use it as cladding for walls as well as on hall doors. If you don’t want mirror in the open you can place it on the inside of hall closet doors so you can check your hat is on straight on your way out the door.

Wall Cladding

Any wall in the house can create a stunning focal point with the use of bespoke mirror. Walls clad in full mirror panels provide an interesting illusion creating massive space in even the smallest rooms. This can be exceptional with the addition of recessed lighting above mirror panels.


You can lengthen your home by placing large mirror panels at the end of halls. It will appear your home goes on forever when positioned properly. You can also reflect mirror to mirror on opposing walls for an endless reflection.

They can also look incredible astride glass balustrades on the stairway, creating a very contemporary feel.

Mirrors can also be used to capture picturesque views from the windows. When positioned just right you can enjoy the view of the street, garden or skyline bringing the outdoors into your home. You can also use mirrors to make the most of natural light from a large picture window and reflect it back into a room or hall.

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