How to Design your Laundry Room?


Laundry room being not a prominent part of home is often ignored while designing and decorating the home. If you develop a habit to give equal attention to every nook and corner of the home, even the less prominent part will contribute to the overall appearance of the home and your place will look more organized and tidy and will speak for your taste. Like any other place of your home, a laundry room should be nicely arranged and full of lights so that you feel comfortable while washing and ironing your cloths.

This blog is dedicated to provide you different ideas to organize and design your laundryroom in an appealing style.

Colour Scheme

While choosing the best colour schemes for your home, give attention to your laundry room too. Laundry room should be painted in bright and lively colours so that it gives you energy and motivation to perform your laundry activities. Bright colours in the room also contribute to a good and pleasant mood making your job less hectic and enjoyable. Light blue, purple and green are ideal colours for a laundry room. Blue and green create a soothing ad relaxing ambiance while purple brings energetic and vibrant feel in the room.

Storage Boxes and Buckets

Utilise the space in the laundry room in an organized and systematic way to make it more practical and appealing. For that purpose, you need to place storage boxes, shelves, cabinets and laundry baskets in the room. Wrap the baskets with colourful sheets and label them for different clothing items. For example assign a basket for placing under-garments, waists, socks, ties and other stuff and label it with a name. Get a separate basket for placing your dresses and label it too. This way it will make your washing and ironing job much easier and convenient saving your time that your waste in sorting out stuff. I would also recommend you to mount hanging hooks at the back side of the door; it will enable you to hang your cloths and other stuff without creating mess in the room. You can also place cabinets behind the curtains to make the room clutter free and tidy.       

Decorative Items

Your laundry room also deserves to get adorned with decorative items and accessories. If you want to know that how to clean bedroom by placing flower vases and indoor plants. This way the room doesn’t only look beautiful but also brings a pleasant feel. You can also place some colourful cushions in the room. Cushions do not only beautify the place but also provide you comfort when you feel tired and exhausted.


To make the place brighter and open, add plenty of lights in the room. There is a huge variety in the types and styles of lighting but I would suggest placing tube lights and ceiling lights as they make the place look spacious and bright.

Jars and containers

Get small containers or jars for storing washing powder, softener, bleach and other cleaning stuff instead of keeping them in their ordinary plastic packaging. You can cover the jars and spray bottles with colourful wrapping sheets to designyour laundry room in a beautiful and charming way.


Make sure your laundry room possesses a large window so that it looks airy and open. A laundry room without window looks very congested. It also creates suffocation making you feel uncomfortable while working in the room. Make sure to place Nevada swivel chair in the room so that you can rest for sometime if you feel tired during washing and ironing cloths.

Wall Mounted Wardrobes

Wall mounted wardrobes and shelves are great to save space and make the room look perfectly organized. If your budget allows you, build wall mounted shelves and large wardrobe in your laundry room where you can place your appliances like washing machine, dryer and iron. It wouldn't even save you space but also keep your expensive appliances safe and protected.

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