How To Set Up A Romantic Dinner Table


So if you haven't been able to spend quality time with your partner off late, here's your chance. While a romantic dinner can be a great idea to get to know your partner, make up for a misunderstanding or even remind each other how important they are to you, it doesn't always have to be a lavish dine-out at an up-market restaurant. 

Romantic dinners can be made special even at homes. Dining in for a romantic dinner is less common but certainly a great idea. In fact, a lot of couples would agree to the fact that romantic dinners at home can be more special and intimate as compared to restaurants. 

Tips of Creating a Romantic Dinner Table

So now that you've decided to host a romantic dinner for your partner at home, how would you go about ensuring it's made special and memorable? Its not really that complicated actually. The following six tips will help you set up a romantic dinner ambiance that is sure to leave your partner surprised. 

" The Table Spread: White rules and can never go wrong. So choose the best white tablecloth you have. Pop-in colors using colored tablemats which also help accentuate the overall look of the table.

" The Dinner Set: Take out the best that has been lying at the back of your kitchen shelf for a while. It doesn't have to be the most expensive and you may have brought it from a fair at a discounted rate. But that's okay, as long as that's the best you have. 

" Choose The Music: Think about music that your partner loves and collect them into a CD or a pen drive. Alternatively, you could also opt for soft music, if you think your partner's choice of music will not be appropriate for a romantic dinner. 

" Say It With Candles: Candles are the best way to work up the ambiance of a romantic dinner. Choose some decorated candles and pull out the candle stand from your shelf to place them on it. Arrange the candles on the table carefully taking care that they are not placed in a way that would topple and burn your partner's or even your hand. 

" Choose A Menu Carefully: If you can make your partner's favorite dish, nothing like it. However, if you think you're not good at the kitchen, simply order from the restaurant. However, ensure you plate it in the best way possible with colorful garnishing. Choose a drink and a desert of your partner's choice too. Remember, it's the effort that you take to make the time special that matters and not the taste of the food or where it was brought from. 

" Select A Gift For The Day: A gift would need a little forethought. If you know your partner well, you'd know what to give to make the moment special. If you don't take your chances and go for something that can please the gender. However, if you're planning to propose, a bouquet or a ring is what you need. 
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How did you make your romantic dinner special? Would you want to be hosting one again after the first experience? Share your thoughts and experiences with us. 

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