Several Captivating Bathroom Vanity Ideas


Bathroom vanitiesand sinks are an integral part of almost every home. Whether they are stylish or simple, conventional or aggressively modern, costly or cheap, these items simply have to be utilitarian and must cater to all your needs. Most people tend toplace emphasis on their aesthetics, which makes way for a practically endless selection of these products. With this in mind, here aresome of the ideas that can help you choose the right vanity and sink for your bathroom.

Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink (also known as a freestanding sink) takes very little space, is more than utilitarian and looks nifty, cool and neat at the same time. There are more than plenty of designs to choose from, made to fit in practicallyany bathroom, regardless of shape and size. This is particularly important if your bathroom has a certain theme, asa freestanding sink can blend into it spotlessly.Check this page for to see how these items can be used in a variety of bathroom settings. If you are looking for an item that also offers storage space, however, you should decide on a different type of product.  

Freestanding Vanity

A freestanding vanity isbasically a combo of vanity and pedestal sink. Unlike a conventional pedestal sink, whichdoesn't have any space for different bathroom items, a freestanding vanity would offers generous storage space for all your necessities. In addition to this, a freestanding vanityhas the same advantages with regard to space and aesthetics as a pedestal sink, so it is not hard to understand why this option is so in vogue today. 

Vessel Sink and Vanity

A vessel sink and vanity is a quite posh alternative to the traditional sink and vanity. However, being stylish means that it certainly doesn't come cheap and can often take up a lot of space. Additionally, if you are considering this type of vanity, you should be very careful with your selection, as it usually goes well with only bathrooms of certain shapes and sizes.

Vanity Cabinet

When it comes to stylish bathroom vanities, a vanity cabinet iscertainly among the most popular choices here, along with a freestanding vanity. This can be explained by the fact that it not only comes with all the utilities, but it also saves space. If you go for an interesting, versatile design, your vanity cabinet can look great in different bathroom settings.

Wall Mounted Vanity

A wall mounted bathroom vanity can really look stunning and it can also save you a substantial amount of space. Having said that, make sure you go for a solid, durable option and properly enforce it, as it might be vulnerable to forcible thrusts or impacts.Visit this page for inspiration.

Under-mount Sink

An under-mount sink can really provide your bathroom with a lovely marriage of class and contemporaneity. An under-mount unit is bound to look stylish, representing a captivating addition to your space, but many homeowners will lack space for it. Furthermore, this item commonly requires a hard countertop (made of granite or marble, for instance), which can make its setup pretty darn expensive.

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