Using Natural Elements in Home Décor


There is nothing so fitting into any sort of design or style like nature. Even if you are all about steel and glass, a touch of nature will give your design something unique and the way it contrasts with those materials will make a great visual experience. Also, all natural design is always welcome and it creates soothing and warm atmosphere anywhere. However, adding some objects from nature and nature-like items to your home will enrich your interior design.

Using Natural Objects as Everyday Objects

This goes under the class of found objects. For example, this would mean that two big and interesting rocks or stones found on the beach can be easily used to hold your books together on the shelf. If you want, you can even lacquer for a nicer look. In the same way, some natural objects can be used as flower beds, vases and the like.

Bringing Nature Inside

Sometimes, these objects found in nature don’t really have to have any other sort of function than just ordinary decorative function. For example, a dry tree branch that has unusual shape and lovely color will look lovely on your work desk or anywhere else in your home. Not to mention the fact that bringing flowers inside turns the dull room into a happy space in an instance.

Plain Old Decorations

Think about collecting interesting pebbles or shells on the beach and simply filling a glass jar with them. They will look really fun, they will be an excellent memorabilia of your day at the beach or the entire summer spent there and they will make the room look better. Therefore, don’t hesitate to be playful and to think in those terms. If you have the nerves and you find it interesting, consider having one of those little desktop zen gardens that are relaxing and beautiful at the same time.

Natural Motifs

OK, you like the natural elements but you just don’t feel comfortable bringing anything from the outside in, you are not the zen type and plants just die on you. You can have nature as a part of your decor by using natural motifs, colors, materials, pictures and paintings. If you use pressed and dried flowers to create a painting and then frame it, it will still keep the touch of nature and yet you won’t have to take care of it. Use eco rugs to takeone step closer to the natural feel beneath your feet and make those shelves and chairs wooden but use their natural color and as little treatment as possible so that you can feel the wood underneath your fingers.

Even flower prints on your beddings can remind you of the natural beauties and have a nice effect on your décor. However, if you tap into your creativity and start observing nature, you will definitely find many ways to enrich your home with natural elements and make it a warmer place to live at and enjoy.

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