Ways to Let You Sleep As Soon As You Touch the Pillow


Lots of people are sleepless because of the daily hassles. No matter how they tried, they end up with sleepless at nights but unable to get up at morning. If you have this trouble, you not only need to relax yourself, but also find reasons from the colors of your dream bedrooms.

Different colors have different meanings. The red likes fire, which is full of enthusiasm. The green represents life. And the blue stands for depression. The purple represent noble.

 Cool color tone makes you feel peace

The study shows that the cool color tone such as green, blue, purple are the suitable colors for sleep and rest. For theses colors do not produce intensive stimulation such as red, orange and yellow and they make you feel peace. Especially for green color tone, it has the minimum stimulation to the sleep and is the most comfortable for eyes when touching the light weave. Therefore, you may put some green plants in your dream bedrooms and the curtains as well as beddings could change into cool color tone.

Green is helpful for sleep

In fact, it has psychological basis for this. Green is helpful for sleep, which gives you a cozy feeling and makes you relax and calm down.

Blue is the most suitable color for sleep

The blue is the most quiet and calm color, which can suppress the secretion of adrenal hormone.  The psychologists and medical scientists link the blue with sleep. They agree that the blue is the most suitable color for sleep.

Purple can improve the sleep quality

Purple is the shortest color in spectrum. According to physiologists, the purple has effect on false equilibrium of human beings, which can stimulate or improve the sleepiness and improve the sleep quality.

Ocean color can help you get rid of the troubles

Imagine you are lying on the beach and listening to the noise from the ocean surface weave, it is helpful for your sleep. The beach is the bedding sheets and the front sea weave is the quilt. You can create a cozy environment by your imagination, which may helpful for getting rid of the troubles.

To sum up

For the people who want to improve your sleep quality, you may have a check that where should change the color. Keep in mind that the cool color tone is helpful for your sleep and relaxation, especially for green, blue and purple. If you are interested in it, you may learn more at http://www.melodyhome.com

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