Home Decor Tips Which Won't Hurt Your Wallet


Sometimes you don't need to give a major makeover to your home to change its look. A few additions here and there are enough to liven up the space and make it look more inviting. Be it introducing a summery vibe through yellow pillows on your sofa or incorporating the pantone color of the year 'marsala' through a centre piece; there are tons of ways you can adopt to give your home the much needed update it needs.Here are some ways which will help you give your space a newly decorated look without spending a bomb:

1) Go for an Accent wall

-If you are fed up of staring at the blank walls, inject a little dose of color through an accent wall. You can go for a coloured one in your favourite shade but which also complements your room. If you don't want any color, you can even go for wall decal stickers which are super easy to use as well as to remove. I bought one for myself at discounted prices by using exclusive Fabfurnish coupons present on CashKaro.com through which I also got cashback. They are available in many different designs and shades. So you can pick one according to your own preference.

2) Do not underestimate the power of rug

-  A rug is an often under estimated weapon which can easily fight a dull and boring looking space. Add an instant modern feel to your house by welcoming a large sized rug which covers the empty space on your floor. For a more sophisticated look, you can even for one in leopard print. If you have decor done in hot pink, the combination of both will ooze out oodles of styles. You can even opt for small sized ones to place them at different corners of your house.

3) Change up the lights

Imagine coming to your home after a long and tiring day at work and entering in your living room which is cool, dim lit in yellow light. It will feel very relaxing! Lights have a big impact even on your sleeping pattern. Go for a change in the shade of the lights or their structure itself. Get that chandelier down and go for simple hanging lamps which emit warm yellow light. You can even go for a beautiful table lamp on your bedside table. you can shop from a beautiful collection without breaking your bank!You can even paint your old lamp in a different paint shade to lend it a new and fresh look!

4) DIY shelves

- Getting new shelves can be a bit of an expensive affair. If you are looking for some low cost ideas to give them a new look, here's an idea! How about decorating the back of the shelves? You can grab any wallpaper of your choice and paste it inside the back of the shelve to add an instant style statement through it. And then you can place your artwork displays on it! It's time to get creative now.
5) Add a centrepiece

-  If you love updating yourself with the newest home decor trends and fall in love with many of them, the easiest way to inculcate them in your home is through centrepieces (wherever possible). If stripes has what which has gotten your attention or a neon something is what will add pep up your room done in Black and White palette, introduce the element of your choice through a centrepiece.

6) Update the look of your door

- Have you always fancied the colorful doors you have seen on Pinterest? It's high time you did it for yourself too. A door done in Black shade instantly spells glamour! A door done in mint shade screams summer and in white spells serenity. You can even go for patterns. Your newly done door will surely fetch you a lot of compliments.

7) Hang your jewellery

- If you are tired of sorting through your jewellery boxes to find the right piece at the right time, it is better that you hang them and have it in front of your eyes every time. This way you won't have to dig deep in further to find your favourite pieces and go through the trouble of untangling your necklaces chains. And the main part being your wall will look like a million bucks!

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