Are Your Plumbing Lines Set Straight


Whether it is a clogged kitchen drain or a broken shower, a heroic plumber is always called to the rescue of our piping and drain woes. Plumbing is a distinct profession where results are achieved using a combination of knowledge, experience, expertise, and innovation. In this unique career, experience and money-making grows side by side as you get trained on the job as an apprentice, while also getting paid.

As experience and skills grow, the ever-demanding plumbing job would become even more difficult without the right tools and equipment. So let’s go through some of the essential investments a plumber needs to build a handy plumbing-tool kit.

1.      Pipe wrench
It is needless to stress on the value and irreplaceability of a plumber’s pipe wrench. Be it loosening, tightening or transfixing pipes, a plumbing assignment is not complete without a handy and reliable pipe wrench.

2.      Drain cleaning equipment
Commonly called as ‘electric eels’, this equipment is known to unblock drains and kitchen pipes, however long and complicated the blockage may be.

3.      Pipe Laser and other inspection tools
Large-scale jobs which involve installation of power, water, and sewage systems require a wide range of advanced inspection tools to test pipe laying, levelling, and other safety aspects of the project. A number of new-age developments such as the electronic self-levelling pipe lasers are highly essential for piping and tunnelling contracts to achieve the perfect alignment of gravity flow drains and pipes.

The pipe emits a perceptible beam of laser light which extends hundreds of metres along a pipe and may be adjusted horizontally or vertically, according to the desired incline or angle and distance. It is an extremely beneficial construction tool for plumbing contractors as it helps avoid incorrect alignment and levelling during jobs that involve piping tunnels, sewer lines, and storm drains. 

Unique Features of Pipe Lasers
The tool is made up of highly durable material and comes with a range of specifications such as high accuracy laser lines and sloping options. Additionally, there is a wide choice of mounting options, single or dual axis grade and supplementary features such as LED lights. Advanced settings like auto centre-option, self-levelling, grade locking, and line locking help in accurate and precise maintenance of plumbing specifications.

Pipe cameras are another class of pipe-maintenance systems which help in the video inspection of water pipes, sewage lines, drain pipes, and other inaccessible underground pipe networks. With the help of a water-proof camera and a glass-fibre enforced flexible rod, the tool may be used around piping bends and underground lines to detect blockages and clogs which require clearing.

Such innovative tools and discoveries in the field of plumbing have definitely helped reduce repairs, reworks, and relays by shortening set-up times and achieving overall process simplification. Be it underground trench work, surface laying or accurate micro-tunnelling, laser-guided mining and pipe laying set-up is by far the quickest and smartest solution for plumbing contractors.

Author Box: Chris Johnson discusses the role of technological innovation in plumbing systems. He, for instance, takes into account the benefits of using a Torulaser and pipe cameras that make the plumbing job easier.

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