Exploring Your Garage Door Options


A garage door serves many purposes in the home: it keeps valuables safe, it provides additional insulation, and it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your property. The garage door industry has boomed over the past several decades, with there now being a number of exciting and beautiful garage door options available to homeowners. The first consideration which homeowners need to make is what type of garage door they will buy.

Four Different Types of Garage Doors
There are four basic types of garage doors on the market today:
  • Swing out
  • Swing up
  • Roll up
  • Slide to the side
Swing out doors (often called carriage style doors) are a good choice for anyone who needs to keep the ceiling of their garage clear. This type of door also delivers a distinct look. Swing up doors are less common as they require more space to be able to operate. Slide to the side doors are a unique option, though the most common today is the roll-up door. Roll-up doors not only take up little to no space, but they also have the most design options available.

What Style of Door?
Applegate Automated Gate & Door Ltd has a number of different types and styles of garage doors for homeowners. Traditional doors include looks such as Victorian, French Country, Tudor and Mediterranean. This style of door will also come in a variety of materials, including wood and vinyl.
Carriage doors are another popular choice for homeowners who like a more classic and distinct look. Traditionally this type of door swings open, but there are newer models that are able to fold open.
Raised panel doors are the most common and come in a variety of styles and designs. Glass and other materials may also be incorporated into these doors, and they can be outfitted with an automatic garage door opener for your convenience.

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