Bring Coziness in Your Home to a Whole New Level


It can take years of trying to achieve an aesthetic ideal that accommodates all needs of a single person. I have gathered quite a fine assortment of grand and gorgeous room designs over the years. Still, I seem to be more attracted to tiny, comfy and warm spaces of late. I just guess that the practical dimension reached out to me a bit more, since homes are not just pretty display for home decoration magazines.

A genuinely comfy home with all the necessary elements that appeals to the visitors is a splendid fit as well. Consequently, my objectives have shifted a bit in the cozy direction. If you’re also interested in homey and warm look, here are some suggestion on how to achieve it.

Seek items you can curl up in

There’s frequently somewhat of a divide between the items that are pretty to gaze at and the items that are pretty to sit on. In an ideal situation, the best two-seat would balance out these two. However, if coziness is what you’re truly after, you have to examine the item’s potential for comfiness when you’re buying a new piece of sitting furniture.

Question: Can you see yourself on this two-seat, curled up on a lazy long weekend, with your whole body hugged by the cushions while you’re sipping your tea and reading a book? Your answer significantly affects whether the search stops here.

Mix and match

An old furnishing saying advises us to avoid buying the whole set of furniture from one store or our personal abode will look like the store we bought it from. New and packed, furniture stores can be fun but not entirely homelike.

To evade the show-room layout, pair up the elements pertaining to various styles. Upon thinking about the whole setting, ponder less about matching and instead go with your cozy-proof gut. Putting different items together instils character and with it, some visual texture. This will efficiently transform any interior into a delightful nook. 

Introduce the items you’d want to feel

Don’t neglect the power of texture when purchasing objects for your homey interior. A veteran leather chair, comfyScandinavian sofas with lovely paddings, fluffy pillows, vintage wooden table, hand-made mats - these are all excellent candidates. What separates them from the sea of other pieces is unique texture and inviting properties that introduce warmth and soothing atmosphere.

Employ warm tints

Until I got involved in pro level house improvements and started reading about it industriously, I was not thinking much about the mood certain hues can establish. Colder shades aid in making interiors appear bigger, boosting the apparent manoeuvring space. Warm tints act in the opposite direction and make the area seem cozier and more tucked in. Bear in mind that even the black and white variants have a certain undertone that is either on the warm or cool side.

The power of illumination

People often neglect one of the most potent agents that sets the ambience effectively: illumination. I may frequently get swayed by a beautiful picture from a magazine, only to stop and realise something interesting. It’s not the furniture that blew me away, it’s the specific lighting. What’s essential for a sitting room is that it features a smart mixture of light sources. The shiny, far-reaching ones are for group gatherings, while modest dimmers are optimal for private night-ins.

To lower the illumination source to your level, opt for clip-on lamps and smaller table apertures. Replace the bulbs giving off cool light for theones with warm emanation. It’s cheap and easy with instant homey effect.

Beloved objects

Fill out your house with the items that remind you of the love filled situationsand your dearest and closest people. This could be a mock book collection, grandma’s antique phone, the plates of your first ride, and the list goes on. When you’re at home, you should be able to feel that you truly belong there.

The whole idea of coziness is not about fancy items, it’s about picking the elements carefully. Add love, colour, texture and light to your interior and the results won’t fail you.

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