Designing The Ultimate Cocktail Bar In Your Very Own Home


Whether you plan to entertain a lot of people or just a few of your closest friends, a cocktailbar at your own place is bound to distinguish your home from all the others, turning it into the ultimate party hub. With a several smooth touches, you are likely to provide your guests with unforgettable experience with ever gathering you organize. Here are some tips to help you in the process. 

Stand out in the housing market

Building a cocktail bar is cost effective, enhancing the value of your home if you are looking for selling or renting it in the near future. You will be noted as a unique landlord who will attract a large number of potential tenants who will be thrilled by this facility. So, pay close attention to the design of this space bar if you strive for reaching a positive reaction from your guest and tenants alike.

Design is everything

Firstly, you need to have in mind the frequency of using it – whether you will just occasionally call colleagues over for a drink or you will be regularly hosting a party attended by many people. Once you have figured out the numbers, it would be much easier to opt for the ideal size – you don’t want it to be too large if it is meant for occasional social events for the selected few, but neither too small if you are about to host plenty of mega parties.

Secondly, choose the shape. You could do with a straight bar you could place at the end of your room which will suit the purpose of social events. Or, you may want to include and U-shape or L-shape bar to be different from all the others. One of most typical and practical solutions is a corner bar that you will, as the name suggest, place in a corner of the room.

Thirdly, when choosing the materials you want for your bar, consider the interior design of the room, making sure you blend the bar perfectly with the overall style.Also, think about accessibility and make it easily approachable to everyone.

What should I put there?

Leave enough space for liquor, spirits and all the additional ingredients, bar tending appliances and equipment you will use. The choice and shape of drinks you would like to make determines what kind of ingredients you need to purchase. Check out your local liquor stores for the needed beverages, remembering that you don’t want to skimp on the essential ingredients if you really want to make extraordinary, mouth-watering cocktails.

But is everyone likely to drink alcohol? You are often likely to have some guests who will not indulge in exploring various alcohol drinks offered to them, so be ready to mix some non-alcoholic cocktails, too. Moreover, you should get various kinds of glasses to match different cocktails, as this will lead to certain cocktails tasting better. Be a host that respects every taste, offering a variety of drink types and tastes.

Lighting and ventilation

And last but not the least, you need the tackle the matter of the atmosphere enhancing details, so be careful about choosing the lighting and ventilation features for your bar. As this spot should attract people to it, do not put place it in a dark corner with no lights. Bright lights over the bar are good to go as they normally invite people to have a drink. You can even choose colored light bulbs if this suits the party theme and atmosphere or play with dimmed lights to change the moods that this place offers. And if the atmosphere get really hot, having one of those energy-efficient timber ceiling fans will bring the much-needed fresh air to you guests. 

As you can see, it’s not so hard to transform your home transform into the place your colleagues and friends will pinpoint on their party lists. If you are careful about the design, lighting, storage and stock your bar properly, you can rest assured that your guests will have a blast.

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