Three Simple Ways to Personalize an Already Furnished Apartment


One of the biggest advantages of moving into a furnished home is that it is a hassle-free and convenient option. It is the perfect option if you are too busy to spend time in buying and arranging furniture after you have moved in. It is also quite economical as it takes off the financial burden of moving in and moving out furniture. You can, thus, come home to a place where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful stay without having to think about a long list of the household things to buy. However, you would agree that happiness comes when you make the furnished apartment feel like a cozy home. There are numerous ways to add your personal style while giving your apartment a temporary face lift. It can make you feel warm and homely quite easily.
Here are some simple things that you can do to personalize your already furnished home within your budget:

Add the Little Details to your Rooms

Pick and choose your pillows, bedding and blankets reflecting your favourite style. You can also add an inexpensive headboard if your bed does not come with one already. You would be surprised as to how much a vibrant set of new pillows or cushion covers can add in the transformation of the rooms.  Apart from this, you can decorate the side tables, study or your living room with trinkets, small artefacts or souvenirs from your various travels. Since you have purchased these items, adding them to your home décor will be a reminder of the good time you had. Choose and decorate according to the colour scheme and style of the rooms. They will add to the beauty and warmth of your home.

Dress up your Walls

Add a fresh coat of paint to the boring white walls and give the place a brand new feeling. If you are not allowed to repaint the walls you can go for quirky wallpapers of your favourite design. You can choose a single wall upon which you wish to apply the wallpaper. This will give you an accent wall of your own! It is advisable to choose removable wallpapers as the permanent ones will be difficult to remove if and when you plan to move out.

Artwork, photos, canvases, paintings, mirrors are some wonderful accessories to decorate your walls to give them a temporary makeover during your stay. Cool designs and prints can give your dull walls a fresh look. Adding wall art of your choice will make the furnished apartment feel like your own. If the walls already have artwork or paintings on them, you can replace them with your own. While moving out you can put them back on.

Welcome Colourful Ideas

Replacing old blinds and curtains with new ones, placing a new rug, putting a new sofa cover, adding colourful decorative pieces, etc. matching with the colour scheme of the room can make a huge difference in transforming the look of your room. Apart from this, adding your personal touch to the lighting by replacing the lamps with ones of your choice can also do a great deal in making your furnished apartment feel like home.

One of my close friends recently bought a flat in Kolkata. When I visited her place for a housewarming party, I was glad to see the way the place was decorated. She gave me a few interesting tips from her experience as to how she gave her furnished apartment a personal touch. It was cozy and beautiful. So, next time you move into a furnished flat, keep in mind these ideas that will give your home the right look.

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