Turning Unsightly Pipes Into Chic Decor Elements


You happen to live in a rental or own a place that is filled with all kinds of plumbing and heating pipes sticking out in almost all of the rooms which you have been trying to hide without real success? There really is no reason to despair, do quite the opposite. Take the opportunity and make the best use of them for creating a unique looking setting. Study these recommendations and turn all those unsightly pipes into original chic décor elements.

Simplify things

A minimalist approach is the easiest solution when it comes to exposed pipes, especially if you lean toward industrial design features. The essence of making the best of the situation in this case is to apply less is more approach. Declutter the space and leave only the essential furniture and accessories accompanied with a few carefully selected plants that will complement the neutral color palette you will apply to your walls and pipes. For example, earthy flooring goes perfectly with copper pipes and greyish walls.

Steel pipes investment

Yes, steel pipes are a hefty investment, but if you do not plan to relocate in the near future, you should take them into serious consideration. First of all, they come with numerousadvantages. Among other, they are highly durable, easy to maintain and non-corrosive. Secondly, they are rather chic and of timeless design, easily implementable in various styles. Lastly, they can be used practically anywhere, from kitchen sinks, laundry rooms to basements and bathrooms giving all of them a truly positive and easily noticeable makeover.

Candy canes for kids’ room

You will have trouble finding children all around the world that do not like candy canes. Having this in mind, painting the pipes in candy cane style is another simple and very attractive solution. All you need is a couple of cans of red and white paint, a couple of brushes, ladders if needed and some time and effort to turn your kids’ room into colorful candy dreamland scenery. Hopefully, no one would try to bite them once you are done.

Build around the pipes

Pipes go everywhere and although the higher ones are usually the most prominent those near the floor and at shoulder height are the most problematic. A proven solution is to build around them. Enclose them with bookshelves or cabinets and not only will they become less visible you will smartly turn them into a useful storage space. However, make sure they are not completely blocked. In case of malfunction or any kind of damage, being able to reach them is of crucial importance, advice us at a Monmouth Countyplumbing service.

Dress your pipes up

Covering the pipes with patterned colorful fabrics is another fruitful approach. It in a way both hides and emphasizes them. The rough surface will become invisible but now fashionable pipes will become ever more prominent, facilitating yourbathroom renovation efforts. Good thing about this makeover is that you can easily change the style and even follow the latest color and pattern combinations for every interior design change that comes in the years to come.

As you can see, there are several possible solutions, each quite different in approach but all equally successful in turning your pipes into interesting, and highly decorative chic design elements. Pick a solution according to your design preferences and personal taste and you cannot go wrong with any of them. They are applicable to each of the rooms, uniformly or completely different in style it does not really matter, as long as the goal is reached. 

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