What to Do If Your House Floods


Along with winter cold comes the risk of frozen pipes and the damage they can cause if they burst. If it happens during the night when you are sleeping, you could wake up to a few inches of water in your basement. Even when you take precautions, such as wrapping pipes with heat tape or allowing faucets to drip, subzero temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze. A faulty furnace that quits in the middle of the night when temperatures are plummeting is another cause of frozen pipes.

Security Alarm

Some people have a security alarm system for their home, and a flood sensor can be added. If the sensor gets covered in water, it will sound an alarm. It will alert you to basement flooding situations so you can get help before the problem gets out of hand. A flood sensor can save you money because you have time to prevent a broken pipe from becoming an expensive nightmare.

Be Prepared

According to Pro Clean Carpet Cleaning, if you have a phone number list of emergency technicians to call in the event of a problem, add a water damage restoration company. If the worst happens and your basement is seriously flooded, you will need more than just water removal. You need full service specialists who can take care of mold issues as well. If pipes break in the upper floors of the home, you can have wet carpets and floors that must be dried immediately to avoid serious damage or the need for replacement. Do everything you can to prevent frozen pipes, but if it happens you need to know who to call right away. Water damage restoration specialists will have a crew ready to drain the basement, remove water from floor and carpets, and initiate mold prevention in place quickly. Speed counts with cleanup and restoration because mold is fast growing enemy and must be eliminated.

Heavy Rains

According to Advantage, several days of steady rain can also cause basements to flood. Be sure you keep your sump pump in good condition. If it can't keep up with the water, phone the company you have for backup in a flooding situation.

Be sure to do all you can to avoid flooding problems and broken pipes to reduce the risk of serious damage to your home, and always have a backup plan in case something unexpected happens. 

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