Home Staging With Rugs: The Essentials


It can be a bit of a challenge to decide on a befitting carpet for your interior. The most famous type is probably the Persian variety that dominates the scene with its intricate patterns and colour combinations (also, its price), but modern variants are more versatile and sought out.

When furnishing a room, it’s vital to coordinate the present tints and select the accent items. Various layouts define whether the space is going to have a homely or more formal outlook. Here are some elementary guidelines to bear in mind.


Measure the designated place carefully and mind that the size of the carpet is directly connected to the impression of space. This practically means that the larger a carpet you select, the more expansive a room will seem.

On the other hand, if you want to flaunt your flooring, pick up a modestly sized rug. Still, evade the micro pieces as this will disturb the unity of the space and generate instant shrinking effect.

Organised the furnishing elements in your quarters first, and only then employ a rug to hold the room together. Basically, just make sure the longer line of the rug is matching the line of your two-seat or couch.
You may also be wondering if the furniture legs go under the rug or not? The answer is to place the front legs of a bed onto the rug and keep the back legs off. The same principle applies to chairs.


Position the carpets under furniture groups to maintain some coordination and instil an acceptable level of contrast. A smaller solitary piece in the center of a completely furnished and decorated interior is not entirely recommendable. This particularly applies to home staging for professional agents. However, exploiting a runner is viable for the long corridors as they’re usually uncrowded areas.


It is crucial that you pair the rug to room’s decor and round up a layout. Truth be told, it would not make the happiest combination if you mix and match a little too much. A rug with modern pattern is not quite welcome in the area that already has traditional furnishings. Simple looking for rugs online can get you inspired for new setups.


Some spaces need warming up, such as the ones featuring flooring in the form of slate, tile, as well as dark and light tinted wood alike. Adding contrast is rather important in the process of room decoration and staging since it pops just enough to catch the prospect’s attention. Rugs in light shades are the perfect choice for darker flooring's that effectively augment the space. Texture is your friend, so generously exploit plush, sisal or needlepoint kinds.


Steer clear of utilizing thicker carpets in areas with high traffic as they are natural magnets for spillage and falls. It is simply not the wisest thing to do and other rooms are definitely more befitting for it. We propose you employ outdoor models for these parts of the home as they are far easier to clean and maintain.


Visual division of a vast living area using rugs to mark the borders of each space is useful when doing home staging. Buyers would benefit from knowing how the future layout of some enormous plane may be, and could be a deal-breaker.

Townhouses and condos are typical examples of living quarters that have an expanded floor plan which involves a dining room. Select the space for a potential living room with the help of a rug. Dining areas could often go without a carpet if you think it’s too much. Lastly, no-rugs setting could make the place look like a furniture store.

As you can see, rugs don’t just add to our house comfort, they are a powerful tool for creating a distinctive look and atmosphere. Applying these tips will help you achieve outstanding results.

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