Ready mix special dry plaster and its successful concepts


There have emerged numerous manufacturers who have employed successfully for several decades to prepare high quality ready mix special dry plaster. It could be understood since there are several plaster types readily available in the market ranging from screed and masonry mortar, special mortar like filler gypsum, repair mortar and adhesive mortar.

Importance of the mixing process

Apart from simple sand mixing with lime and cement or gypsum, there are several applications which call for mixing light materials and color pigments like all types of drying additives and polystyrene for offering absolute homogenous product. Moreover, the mixing procedure is considered to be of decisive significance, especially when it is concerned. Appropriate distribution even of the smallest additives quantity (that are included often in quantities in ppm range and optimal fiber opening up could be ensured by making use of a good mixer.

Getting to know the difference

There are numerous ready mix plaster manufacturers in the industry and it is essential to know the actual difference between their mixing systems which is used, so as to make the correct choice and selection. The mixing material’s transportation is taken over by the rotating mixing container to variable mixing tool that ensures the adapted intensive mixing especially at transfer point. Actual mixing operation and separation of mixed material does make it possible in varying the mixing tool’s speed and hence, energy input in the mix over wide range. Pipe or planet mixers, unlike that of ring trough could operate at peripheral tool speed around 2 – 5 m/s. The mixers of reputed manufacturers can function at speeds between 2 – 40 m/s.

It is possible to have 20 to 30 charges / hour (without or with light materials and color pigment) while producing trade mortar in the discontinuous operation. There is a beneficial filling capacity in mixers of 3000 1, 1500 1 and 750 1 respectively, which are used frequently. The bigger mixers come with capacities to about 7000 1, which are present for higher outputs.

Getting to know the features

The major features of intensive mixer besides rotating mixing container tends to include quick running mixing tool (known as frequency controlled vortex system), as well as static combined tool as a bottom all stripper. The mixer also could be equipped with pneumatic, automatic inner cleaning system. It is quite necessary when there is need for quick changeover to the other recipe. For instance, having color pigments mixed under the mix, including changing to white from gray cement.

Benefits that users can enjoy

·         Perfect homogeneous mixing
·         Excellent mixing of additives in small quantities
·         Medium tool speeds used for high quality mixing
·         Appropriate light additive mixing at reduced tool speeds under the mix
·         Optimal fiber opening up
·         Color pigments fractionized and mixed completely without stripe development
·         High availability
·         Great accessibility
·         Durable tool service life
·         Simple maintenance and servicing
·         Less wear significantly when compared with that of pipe mixers.

Knowing the benefits of selecting the best ready mix plaster suppliers can help the person to get the desired results well within the budget.

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