Accessories to Help Create a Functional and Comfortable Bathroom


Accessorizing your bathroom may seem like a difficult task to endure, but the truth is that creating the right spaces can make your bathroom into a functional and storage friendly space that may be just what you or your family needs. The elements that make up every part of your bathroom design should have a specific purpose and functionality that will ultimately make it into your personal sanctuary. But before you jump into your reconstruction project, you will need to do your research on ideas for what size bathroom you are working with, and what kind of budget you have. In this feature, I will be talking about simple solutions, not major overhauls, so don't worry, no need to hire a contractor for anything here.

Space Savers
One thing I have depended on over the years to keep clutter off of my countertops and to use for storage purposes are over the toilet space savers. You can get them very inexpensively at many stores in white, pretty wooden colors, and even in fine nickel finishes. Some come with only shelving; others come with closable wooden or glass doors. These not only add extra storage space for extra towels or toiletries, but also add a touch of elegance and a sort of completed look to a bathroom. To dress them up even more, fine looking candles can be placed on the top for classier looking touches, or pretty looking plants to give the bathroom a more live-like appearance.

Bath and Body Works
This store is perfect for finding accessories for dressing up your bathroom's soap dispensers and candle holders, among other things. I received a hand soap pump dispenser and a beautiful silver holder to go around it as a gift for Christmas, along with a 3 wick candle and silver tall stand candle holder to match. When I put them on my bathroom counter, I couldn't believe the way it transformed my bathroom counter! It made it look warm, yet so sophisticated! I was so excited and impressed by these two little unique bathroom accessories, I just had to go out and get more for my other bathroom to match! Its funny how just a couple small accessories can brighten up a countertop! Plus, the silver soap holder weighs the dispenser down so the bottle won't tip over easily. I buy them for all my friends as gifts.

Over the Door Space Savers
This is one more item I have grown to love over the years. Another inexpensive item that allows me to place over the back of my bathroom door, and can be found in many stores such as Walmart or Bed, Bath and beyond. It contains different size pockets to store various items like makeup, brushes, curling irons, small washcloths, ect. Everything I need to get ready for work in the morning is right next to me, and as soon as I am done using it, it goes right back into the pocket for easy storage, and my countertop is clutter free, and my bathroom stays clutter free, clean, and beautiful. I hope these accessories have been helpful to you, and given you some inspiration to create a functional space with the right accessories for your perfect bathroom.

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