Know the ways to stop your bathtub spout from leaking shower


The shower that you take everyday must be a peaceful affair and not disturbing. It you are taking a shower and the bathtub spout leaks, and then it seems that the shower spray is weak. There are plumbers and leaking shower specialists who can work the best to stop the constant water leakage, by fixing parts of the shower, by changing the shower cap, or by inspecting the flow of water through different channels. The leakage of the spout will cost you extra money bill so it is necessary to fix it immediately. A professional plumber may not be required and it can be done on your own.

What indicates that the shower is leaking?

·         If the shower is leaking you will find swelling in the adjacent rooms. This is the main indication. The paint starts peeling off on the adjacent walls or the ceiling.
·         You will find a moldy smell in your bathroom that may be due to the cracked or loose tiles in the bathroom.
·         The other indication for a leaking shower would be that the carpet becomes wet in the adjoining rooms.

Causes of the shower to leak

·         The crack that occurs in the grout is due to the natural movement of the ground. This is the area where the walls connect directly to the floor.
·         The other cracks may be due to the vibrations that are caused due to the opening and closing of the bathroom door.
·         The crack that is caused is absorbed by the woodwork and the carpet in the adjoining rooms. This not only causes damage to the areas around the shower but also the wood starts rotting attracting the white ants. If you call the professional plumbers, then they can inspect the real source of leakage, along with the condition of the shower and the stop cork and the stop pipes.

How to stop the leakage?

·         You have to find out the reason for the leakage. If it is from the faucet handle, then you have to fix the handle. The faucet handle must be turned off as far as possible in an off position. If the water still leaks then handle is the only problem.
·         It is important to turn off the water valves first. It is usually located in the bathroom or the basement. Once they are located it would be safe to turn off the main water valve that may be located outside your house. Later the shower has to be turned on to check that no water comes out.

It is important to turn off the handle and to inspect the screws

·         The handle of the shower is used to turn off the shower on and off and it has a cap   that has to be removed. This is located at the outside tip of the handle and it has to be removed with the help of a pocket knife.
·         The next step would be to unscrew the handle screw with a screw driver and see that it comes out. If not then you have to heat it with the help of a hair dryer.  You can also purchase a handle puller from the hardware shop.
·         The cartridge puller that is found in a home improvement store can be used to pull off the cartridge. This is actually like a large ring that is adjacent to the wall and will be exposed if the faucet handle is removed.

The new cartridge has to be installed in the original place. You have to see if there is any leakage. If not then the problem has been fixed. You can again check the shower faucet if it is leaking and if so then you have to proceed with the procedure and stop the leakage.
If you have any questions or concerns, please keep in touch to get solution and specific details about leaking shower.

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