Common Signs that Indicate a Clogged Drain


The drainpipe is a large pipe that runs under the ground. Wastewater from different plumbing fixtures in the house collects in the drain which, in turn, connects to the main sewer line running through the neighborhood. However, the drainpipe tends to get blocked quite frequently. That’s because most people throw solid objects in the toilet and flush them without thinking. There are many different ways that a drain can get clogged. Strands of hair might get stuck on the side of the pipe, which could eventually prove to be an obstacle in the free-flowing water. If the drain pipe gets clogged, it can eventually leak, causing damage under the floor. However, there are pretty clear signs that indicate a clogged drain.

Gurgling Sounds When You Flush
One of the most tell-tale signs of a drain that’s about to clog is when your toilet starts making gurgling sounds every time you flush. If the waste water takes a time to empty from the bowl, it might be because of a slight blockage in the drain pipe. Most people just take a plunger and use it in order to free up the blockage. However, this might not work if the blockage is further down the drainpipe. When you flush the toilet, try to observe how long it takes for the wastewater to leave the bowl. If it’s taking a long time, it might be due to developing blockage. If that’s the case, you should call in a professional Oldham drain and sewer clearance to take a look at the drains.

The Smells
Another clear indicator of a blocked drain is the foul smell that emanates from under the ground due to the blockage in the drain pipe. If there’s waste stuck in the drain pipe, it’s obviously going to start smelling after a while!

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