Do You Need Septic Tank Emptying?


Your septic tank is one of those things that you probably don’t think about very much. It is a classic case of “out of sight and out of mind.” You flush your toilet or turn on your sink and the water disappears down the drain. You probably don’t think too much about where it goes after that. However, if you don’t empty your septic tank properly, you could end up with sewage seeping into your yard.

How it Works
Your septic tank works by separating waste into three layers. The waste enters the tank where the heaviest solids sink to the bottom. The oils and fats rise to the top, where they do not mix with water. Between these two layers is a layer of water. The water is often called grey water. It is wastewater but it is mostly free of sewage. There are certain organic compounds that are dissolved or in suspension in the grey water. The grey water level is the level of the drain as well. The water is allowed to run off and seep into your yard. It actually works as a very efficient compost that fertilises your lawn. 

How it Goes Wrong
Since there is a drain at the grey water level of the septic tank and a layer of solids on the bottom, you run into problems when the solid layer reaches the drain. That could cause the drain to be blocked and the septic tank to begin backing up into your home. You’ll know this is happening by the smells of sewage coming from your fixtures. Alternately, you could run into problems of solid matter seeping through the drain into your backyard. This is when sewage begins to run into your garden.

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