How to Find a Good Handyman


Does that door squeak? Do you have some remodeling you want done? If you’re looking for a handyman Bridgewater in NJ, you may wonder how to find a reputable one. Do you look in the phone book? Do you search the web? It can be pretty confusing if you’ve never hired one before.

Where to Scout Around

Life hacks recommends looking at referral lists such as Angie’s List or Yelp. These will often give you a good idea of businesses and handymen in your area – not to mention ratings by consumers who have used their services. Using these resources will help you narrow down handymen who at least, on the surface, look like reputable contractors.

Never discount word of mouth referrals. If someone you know has hired a handyman and was pleased with their work, you should ask the person for contact information. If you can, request that they show you the work the handyman did on their home and compare it with your expectations. Does the work meet or exceed your expectations? Chances are if your friend or family member is happy with the work, you’ll probably like the work the handyman does, assuming they have done the type of work you require.

Once you pick out a few contractors, it’s time to interview them.

What to Ask at an Interview

Good contractors or handymen will be happy to talk with you either in person or on the phone. You’ll need to find out if they are bonded and insured (very important in this day and age) as well as find out if they’ve ever done the type of work you’re looking for. Find out if they are licensed and get their license number if you live in a state which requires contractors to be licensed. Ask for references. Avoid any contractor not willing to give you references.

The contractor should not give you an estimate until they see the job and what it entails. They may be able to tell you what the job usually costs in a range but not a firm price. Beware of contractors who promise low ball prices – they are usually the ones who do not understand what the job entails.

Follow up on References

Once you have the references, contact them and ask the reference what sort of job the handyman did for them and how pleased they were with the job. Find out what the job entailed, especially if it is similar to the job you’re looking to hire the handyman on. If any of the references raises some red flags, ask them what problems they encountered and how the handyman Bridgewater in NJ addressed them. This is very important because you should know how your handyman will react to problems.
If the handyman is licensed, check with the state to make sure they are still in good standing and their licenses are current.

Ask for an Estimate

Once you’ve vetted your handymen, it’s now time to have them look at the job and offer bids. You can then choose your handyman according to their bid and whether you think they will do a good job on the project. 

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