Inspiring ways of decorating with mirrors


When it comes to decorating your home, you want it to be a perfect reflection of who you are. Some people love keeping things simple, others like it eclectic, some prefer minimalism while others like glamour. Finding the perfect solution is never easy, but one thing each of these styles have in common is the presence of mirrors. It doesn’t matter if it’s your bathroom, hallway, or bedroom, mirrors are handy and can be a wonderful home decoration. Here are a few easy and inspiring ideas for decorating with mirrors.

Deluxe mirror wall

Do you feel like your home could use a bit more glamour? Try placing several mirrors on your walls and in a blink of an eye the entire space will get the air of luxury and elegance of a five-star hotel. You can take several bigger mirrors and place them all over the wall of your living room or your hallway. This is handy because hallways generally have less natural light, and this way they can reflect the light coming from your living room. You can also have several smaller mirrors placed in clusters. Loveliest gold round mirrors which do not have to be bigger than a common teacup placed closely together above your vanity can turn your bedroom into the one you only get to see in movies.

Mirror panels on your walls

Unlike having a lot of small mirrors on your walls, the idea of having a large one instead can seem appealing to some but a bit cliché to others. However, for those who are afraid to give it a try – if you do it right, there is no reason to fear. A mirror panel on your wall can be incredibly handy if you need to hide something and it will make the room look larger. You can also have custom mirrors cut and put on sliding doors of your wardrobe, thus getting a wonderful mirror in which you can see your entire outfit after you get dressed. What is more, you will hide the wardrobe at the same time.

Table centerpieces

If you have a long table (for eight and more people), you can use plain long, narrow mirrors as centerpieces. Place it atop the dining room table and see for yourself how very little effort it requires for you to decorate it further: just a couple of small vases and candles, or some lace and you’re ready to serve even the most demanding guests.

Mirrors and candles

Candlelight is very beautiful: it’s gentle and soft, and it instantly makes the atmosphere more romantic. You can use small mirror candleholders to add the air of mystery and gothic to your rooms. Another easy but elegant idea is to get a simple round mirror and place it on the table as a plate for candles and other decorations. Not only does this look incredibly elegant and reflects the soft candlelight, but if any of the wax drops onto the surface it is going to be easy to scratch off and clean it.

Antique window pane mirror

Next time you walk by an old window frame, do not ignore it. With just a bit of effort it can be transformed into perfect window pane mirror for your bathroom or hallway. You can make your own by using several smaller mirrors which you can glue to the old window pane, or you can make one from scratch by using small boards, trim pieces, and some glue. When you’re finished you can paint it white to get the antique look, or you can use gold or silver spray paint which will give you the more glamorous piece instead.

When we start decorating, we often forget just how useful and important mirrors are. Not only do they give more depth to the room, but they make it look more spacious and brighter at the same time. Do not be afraid to use mirrors for decorating your home, you will be surprised how quickly you can transform your ordinary place into a real palace simply by strategically placing mirrors all over the walls.

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