4 Tips to Moving Overseas


Most people are familiar with the concept of moving, of relocating.  As a matter of fact, the average person will move upwards of a half dozen times in their life.  But these moves are typically municipal or, to the furthest extent, national. It is rare that you will have to move overseas, for example.

Some people, however, do find themselves in a situation where they are facing an international, overseas move. This might be for a job or it could be for school, or it could just be time to try something new. Whatever your reason, here are a few tips by one and only Montreal moving company ASAP Moving to help make that move as seamless and stress-free as possible.

TIP #1:  Sell!  Sell!  Sell!

Yes, it is hard to sell everything you own. The good news, of course, is that you don't have to. But you should try to sell as much as you possibly can.  This is particularly true of large items like furniture, major appliances, and even your car.  Again, this is not easy, but consider how much it will cost to ship these items across an ocean (fees, taxes, duties, etc) and that might help to put into perspective.  Most things are replaceable and if it is not, then be prepared to pay—and probably heavily—or find a place to keep it until you can.

TIP #2: Store Whatever is Left

Whether you are trying to hold onto something important or you just have some stuff left over from your estate sale, make sure that you properly store whatever you are keeping (but not necessarily taking with you).  Storage can be an effective, affordable option for holding on to some of your things, even if you can't use them right away. And it gives you options for the future: you can always ship things over later (or come fetch them) or sell/give them away later, too.

TIP #3:  Send Ahead of You What You Can

If it is possible, you should try to send some of your things ahead of the move.  This way you will have some things waiting for you.  It can help to split up the shipping costs (and luggage fees, etc) and it can help your moving process move along with the feeling that you are steadily moving closer to the goal.

TIP #4: Don't Forget Your Visa (and Other Documents)

If you have not already done so, make sure you learn what your new country of residence requires for your visa.  Get all the information and documents prepared before the move; and make sure that you are carrying the necessary documents in hand (ID/license, passport, visa, etc) while you are traveling.

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