Unimaginable futuristic kitchen accessories to bring in today!


With each passing year, the ideas of a better, brighter and futuristic home springs in almost everyones mind. Whether its about the latest space-saving solution or super-exciting new technology to make your tasks easier, all is in the book. Take example of automated blinds and lights that turn ON and OFF through presence-sensors!
No matter what the news say about climate change and how it may hamper us from bringing in coolest stuff to our homes, not all is that bad and we can start from heart of the home; none other than some great kitchen accessories. 

Most of the homeowners while revamping start from the kitchen by introducing something totally innovative. So lets have a peek into the future or maybe you can spend some serious dough to bring in these coolest accessories today!

The present picture of tomorrow

Lets start from the do-it-all oven thats more of a personal chef than simple baking and cooking gadget. Other than just measuring the air temperature within the contraption, these super kitchen accessories come along with sensors that can tell you for how long a particular food requires cooking as per its weight and energy consumption; something we can only imagine so far!

Thats not all; the do-it-all ovens can choose a cooking mode for you and even tells when the food is ready to be put on the shelf. Steak fans would simply love the juicy, tender and ready-to-eat steak by a simple press of a button as per requirement such as rare, medium or well-done. The best is yet to come; once the food, for instance, a steak is prepared, the oven would turn the heat OFF automatically so you need not to fear about overcooking or burning the food to crisp!
Now you can enjoy some of the best foods without missing your favourite television programmes like yesteryears! 

The smart & coolest hob

From the worlds best smartphone and home appliance maker comes another innovation that is a cold-to-the-touch hob. The company is said to have been a pioneer of these smart induction hobs however in present era, theyre all the rage. The molecules in the contraption are designed to shake so fast that they release enough heat to cook your food in a perfect way.
The real cool thing is; the entire contraption would be cold enough to touch including the specific point where youve been cooking the moment you lift the pan! Which means cleaning the contraption immediately after cooking is a snap without the risk of burns and bruises. The smart hob is yet another innovation in kitchen accessories that you can own today!

The self-stirring saucepan

Have you ever imagined leaving the pasta, noodles or macaronis in the cooking pan just to watch your favourite soap serial? Never as these items can burn within seconds if unstirred but fear no more, theres a self-stirring saucepan in the market to save the day!
Originated from Land of the rising Sun; Japan, the pan has spiral sides and the ability to self stir when left on the stove so yes, now you can actually enjoy that soap serial! The only downside is that these pans are designed for gas stoves.

Refrigerators in the future

The concept has been given a reality shape by introduction of individual food containers instead of the refrigerator with an aim to actually preserve the food in a better way. The containers have individual or separate compartments for different items such as cold drinks, fruits, vegetables and cooked items that automatically set the temperature as per the items kept. The technology literally can end the era of refrigerators however it isnt global, yet!


In the end, Id like to mention name of one modern kitchen designer , for sharing such wonderful tips around the topic. Kitchen accessories with the ability to produce holograms are right out of Star Wars and with the ninth instalment coming this year; such gadgets are worth bringing in to your home! The holograms keeps you connected to the favourite chefs and cooking experts from all over the world which means live cooking is going to take over in almost every house!

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