4 Advantages of Roman Blinds That Makes it Superior than Other Window Treatments


When was the last time you changed your home’s interior decor? What? You haven’t changed it ever since you built the house? Well then, waste no more time and start planning to decorate your rooms. Changing the decor of your rooms will not just help you in enhancing your home’s overall look, but it plays a vital role in increasing its value too. Hence, it is always wise to keep changing your home’s décor from time to time. If you are thinking that you need to hire an interior designer or have to splurge a lot on purchasing numerous decorative items, then you are seriously mistaken. There a few elements in our home that can be easily replaced to make the rooms look and feel fresh. For instance, you can replace your curtains with classy blinds. Yes, that’s right! Just replacing your curtains with blinds can bring a massive change to your rooms. Wondering, how can I be so confident about this? Well, I’m confident because I have tried this at my home and this trick really works wonders. So, you too can try this! 

Now, the next thing you must be thinking is which blinds are worth buying, right? Well, when you visit an upholstery store in Pakenham or Narre Warren, you will come across a wide variety of blinds. Some of the common ones are:

           Panel Glides

           Vertical Blinds

           Roman Blinds

          Slimline Venetians

   Roller Blinds and much more

But, if you ask me to suggest one amongst these five available types of Blinds Pakenham, I would say opt for the roller ones. To know why I prefer them the most, read on.

*      Easy to Maintain- There are many people who don’t purchase blinds because they feel it’s tough to maintain. But in reality, curtains are tougher to maintain when compared to blinds, especially the Roman ones. Hence, if you lack time in hand to maintain your window blinds, please opt for the Roman ones as you wouldn’t have to spend much time cleaning them. Unlike ordinary curtains, you don’t have to take them off and wash it. Instead, you can just clean them by using the vacuum cleaner.

*      Available in a Wide Variety of Fabrics- Are you worried that roman blinds wouldn’t match your home’s overall decor? Well, there’s nothing to worry because these blinds are available in a wide variety of fabrics, finishes and colours. Hence, you can easily choose the one that can compliment your home’s decor. For instance, if your home has a vintage touch, you can opt for the traditionally printed, relaxed roman shades. And, if your rooms are modish, you can choose the simple yet sober, semi-transparent blinds or the ones having Aztec prints. Nowadays, you can also customize blinds. So, ask this question to the seller prior purchasing/ordering roller blinds in Narre Warren or Pakenham.

*      Pocket-Friendly- Are you thinking that you’ll have to spend all your savings on buying these window treatments? Yes? Well, that’s your misconception. Roman shades are absolutely budget-friendly. Hence, you wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

*      Excellent at Controlling Light- I believe that most of the blinds are better than curtains when it comes to controlling light. And yes, roman screens are good at controlling sunlight as well. Hence, if you purchase these screens, be rest assured, you are going to keep your rooms cool and save a lot on electricity bills. For best results, purchase the blackout roman shades.

So, these were a few qualities of roman blinds available in Pakenham and Narre Warren that have convinced me to choose them, over the other window treatments. If you too think that they are perfect for your windows, then please waste no more time, and buy them immediately. However, before buying these window treatments from a company, here are two things you must do:

§  Check The Company’s Testimonials
§  Check Whether They Provide Warranted Blinds or Not

To know more about roman or other types of blinds, keep following my blogs.

Author Bio- Johanna Jolie is a lifestyle blogger, who has written several home improvement blogs. To know about the advantages of installing roller blinds in Pakenham, read her blogs. You can also check her blogs to get information on installing & maintaining Blinds Narre Warren.

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