Make Your Tiny Kitchen Look Spacious with Beautiful Cabinets


Do you have a tiny kitchen at your home, which is cluttered and shabby? Yes? Then, you must consider redesigning it, to make it more organized and spacious. Generally, what most of the people do to organize their small kitchen is that, they hire a professional interior designer. Are you planning to do the same? Well, that’s completely your choice. But, be prepared to splurge a lot of money, because hiring an interior designer is an “expensive affair”. However, in case you are not willing to spend much, then there’s just one suggestion I can give you, do it yourself. Trust me, designing a small kitchen is no rocket science; and you don’t even have to spend heaps of dollars on purchasing a wide variety of décor. All you need to do is discard all the floor shelves and instead, install wall cabinets. 

Believe me, wall cabinets will not just provide you with ample space to store your essentials and declutter the kitchen, but it’ll also make your kitchen look pretty and spacious. I have implemented this idea on my petite kitchen too, and it truly works wonders. So, wait no more; visit a Kitchen Cabinet Wholesaler, and bring home attractive yet robust wall cabinets. 

Guide to Choose Apt Cabinets for a Tiny Kitchen

However, before you purchase it from a Kitchen Cabinet Wholesaler, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Want to know about those things? Well then, give this blog a good read.

*      Always Opt for Customized cabinets

If you are planning to purchase a ready-made cabinet for your petite kitchen, then I would say it’s a bad idea. Until and unless you have a kitchen that’s really huge and spacious, you shouldn’t purchase ready-made cabinets. Why? Of course because, you never know, they might not fit in the space. Hence, either take the measurement of the space where you want to place the wall cabinets or contact a seller who can send professionals to take the measurements.

*      Choose Light Colored Cabinets Only

Since your kitchen is pretty small, it won’t be wise to purchase any dark colored cabinets. The reason why I’m suggesting this is because dark cabinets will create an illusion and make the room look and feel smaller than it really is. Therefore, avoid dark colored cabinets and instead, buy lighter ones.
Thinking, which color would be appropriate? Well, I would say opt for white wooden cabinets or the northern maple ones. You can also invest on quality Walnut Cabinets and later, apply a lighter stain on it.

*      Opt for Glass Cabinet Doors

Last but not the least; make sure you purchase cabinets that have glass doors. No, this is not an idea that I have discovered; one of my bosom friends, who’s an interior designer has suggested me this. According to her, glass doors generally draw more attention towards the frames of the cabinets and into the depth of its storage space; thereby, making the walls seem farther away. Hence, always opt for cabinets which have glass doors, rather than the ones having solid wood doors.

Wondering whether they are expensive or not? Well honestly, glass door cabinets are a bit expensive than the ordinary ones. But trust me, they are worth every penny! However, in case you have a tight budget, then you can always opt for the open cabinets, as they would also make the kitchen look bigger than before.

Now when you know about the three things that you need to consider before buying kitchen cabinets for a petite kitchen, why delay any further? Visit a reputed wholesaler and grab stylish yet robust kitchen cabinets now.

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