3 Ways to Use the Right Furniture to Enhance Your Home Decor


Doing up your home takes time, love and effort. Every piece of furniture that you carefully pick and place in your abode has something to tell you. They reveal your taste, they tell about your position in life, your lifestyle and other subtle nuances of your personality. Also choosing the right furniture helps you bring out the right look and feel to your house, making it more comfortable and relaxing for you.

While individual furniture pieces like chests, drawers, desks, high chairs, dressing tables and bed frames target to give you an idea of what you might need in terms of storage and utility, there are different types of furniture for different rooms. Here are 3 ways in which the right furniture can add to your home décor (and experience).

Furniture for living room-  Choosing your living room furniture can be tricky and may require extra effort. Living rooms are all about leisure, style, family time and first impressions. To effectively set up your living room, you will have to keep both family and guests in mind. Here is where you have to balance space with fittings and save that extra seat for your visitor. This is where your sofas, sectionals, coffee tables and ottomans will find their place in the house.

Furnishing the dining room- Not as tricky as the living room but dining room furniture too call for enough attention and detailing. It’s about feasts, entertainment and family time. The furniture that goes here will have to balance sleekness with utility and emit a homely feeling. The dining table is the most important piece of furniture here and it will either be grand or reasonable depending upon the number of people who gather around it. Chairs, bar stools, China hutches and console tables will have to fall in place accordingly.

Furniture for the bedroom- This is that part of the house that you will love doing up the most. Because bedroom calls for comfort, intimacy, and personal style. Unlike the rest of the house, this is one room that you can design by solely keeping you and your significant other in mind, so it gives you a lot of freedom. Here is where you can let loose your creativity and experiment the most with bed frames, dressing tables, chests, wardrobes, and nightstands.

Does your work enable you to call for work from homes often? Do you have a small corner in the house that you use as a library cum workspace? Choosing furniture for this little ‘me-space’ can be fun. Do it up with chairs, desks, cupboards and wall cabinets according to your requirement. Performance, productivity, and utility may be the best way to go about it. Deciding which piece of furniture goes where can call for some intense brainwork and tax your creativity or question your practical judgment as the case may be. But that’s the fun part, one that you will absolutely love doing while setting up your home. 

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