Finding the Right Curtains – Effective Tips


Choosing curtains is a fun and long process. From the fabric to the hues, the right curtains will make your home look beautiful, complimenting the tone of the room. There are certain things that one should always look out while picking up curtains online.

The type of curtains you pick depends on the room you have in mind. For common spaces in the house like a living room, curtains that allow more natural light are a wise choice, whereas heavier and thicker curtains maintain the privacy of a bedroom. Remember that sunlight fades the colours of a curtain over time; a natural hue is always recommended.

Light fabrics are nice if you are opting for a vibrant look while heavier darker fabrics add a classy element to the space. It is always good to get samples first since the texture is something that can be a hit or miss while ordering online. Some of the popular curtain fabrics include Calico, Merton, Gaudi, Ascot, Blazer and Broadway. Popular brands include Clarke and Clarke curtain fabrics, a favourite across Britain.

So Many Designs

Finding the design is the exciting part because there are so many to choose from. Pattern designs add a dash of personality to the room which you can never go wrong with a solid colour that matches or accentuates the walls. You can always blend the both with patterns that come in more neutral tones for a sophisticated yet intimate look.

Also, keep in mind the other objects of a space when you are choosing curtain designs. Prints always add an extra visual element to your room and balance the solid colours of your furniture or rug.
Curtains can also create size illusions, an aspect which you can use to greater effect. Remember that darker colours tend to make a room smaller, because of increased light absorption. For cosy spaces, blue, green and off-white are recommended shades. Bright colours always make a room look more inviting and are ideal for your common areas.

Measuring Curtains

When you are ordering custom made to measure curtains, ensure that you are giving the right dimensions. Make sure you account for things like the curtain rings and space from the floor, so you don’t end up with a clumsy cut or curtains that are too short. Some of the styles you can choose from are curtains that just touch the floor or window sill, or curtains that spill on to the floor.

When it comes to choosing the width of your new curtains, decide whether you are looking for a draped finish or a more tailored look. Most interior designers would suggest a width that is around thrice the window’s width for a draped look. For the tailored look, curtains should not be more than two inches wider than the window.

The Experts Can Help

Let’s face it. Everyone is not a curtain expert and there are thousands of styles, fabrics and designs available. Get some feedback from the professionals discover patterns and colours that you may not have pondered about earlier. Click here to browse through a wide range of products and reach out for tips.

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