What Are Carpet Runners and Why and When Should You Use Them?


Carpet runners are a long and narrow strip of carpet that finds use in the constricted spaces like the hallways or the staircases. The carpet runners are often available in the form of rugs although they are also available as strips of carpet. Carpet runners would be ideal for those houses which have long and slim halls with hardwood flooring. These runners add warmth and style to such houses. It is true that the hallways and the staircases would not require much work and it is not uncommon for people to place family portraits on the walls. Some people would want to liven up the space and would use carpet runners for the job. They are available in a wide variety of colours, fabrics, and patterns and can match any setting and inside decoration.

How to Find an Elegant Carpet Runner?

Though carpet runners make a room look smaller if it is used without moderation.The perfect carpet runner could add a lovely accent to the home. Often the carpet runners are meant to protect the marble flooring or the hardwood and certain types of tile in the heavy traffic areas. They must be maintained on regular basis to avoid heavy traffic. These carpet runners should have simple textures and patterns. Choosing a carpet that offers a single colour matching that of the room would often be a very tasteful and obvious solution. Carpet runners could thus be the perfect solutions to narrow hallways and staircases.

Carpet Runners Can Be Categorized into Different Groups

Carpet runners can be divided into three different groups. The stair runners are used for the stairways but are more expensive due to the material and the cost of installation. The corridor carpet runners are more common and would provide warmth and brighten up a cold and barren corridor. There are also the oriental runners that are designed and crafted by hand in a detailed manner. These runners may be found in the form of area rugs. These rugs must be used with care and would tend to overwhelm a room if it is not introduced properly. No matter what all carpet runners are sure to add life to any room. Thus, they should be chosen with care to ensure that it would match the decor of the room.

Safety and Manageability Are Two of The Advantages of The Carpet Runners

It is true that uncarpeted flooring and stairs can be slippery or uneven and can cause accidents. The carpet runners would provide grip and help smooth bumps that might be present in the hardwood flooring.However, it would always be best to hire a professional to fit the stair carpets if you do not know how to install them right. Uneven runners might cause trip and fall incidents and prove to be dangerous on staircases. The carpets that are fully fixed could be difficult to clean and are expensive to replace. By using carpet runners in hallways and stairs, accidental spillage or mud can be cleaned quickly without spending much money. The carpet can easily be replaced if damaged.

The Carpet Runners Reduce Noise and Add Style to The Place

Hardwood floors are known to be noisy if someone walks on them with the shoes on. The carpet runners can help reduce the noise by cushioning the sound. Also, these carpet runners are the perfect way to add style to the place. A wide range of colours, styles, and textures are available to match with your home decor. The carpet runners could be a cheap way of redecorating the hallway or the stairs of the house.

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