Rugs that will bring brilliance to your home decor


In the course of time, home décor has gone through a dramatic change but what remains consistent over the years is the use of rugs. Rugs are used as a décor essential for homes, offices, hotels and restaurants. It adds an aesthetic appeal to the space and immediately lifts up the space. If you want to add a personal touch inside your home, you can effortlessly do so with the addition of decorative oriental rugs. When distinctive rugs are placed into the right setting, the colors and patterns pop up in unique and beautiful ways.

When it comes to decorating the home with oriental rugs, there are few tried and tested ways to achieve the look. It goes without saying that authentic rugs are pieces you should keep in the family for years to come. They never go out of style and they go a long way with other home accessories in terms of the color, pattern and size. The small treasure will match any décor theme and design scheme with ease. You need to follow a few tips when you want to transform a space with the use of an antique rug.

Tips for choosing the right rug

1.      Dimensions: You need to ensure that you choose a rug that perfectly fits into your space. The dimensions are extremely crucial and will have a huge impact on how the rug fits into your space. Keep in mind that the rug should look gracious but not awkwardly large. Pick something that is two to three feet smaller than the size of the room in order to create an illusion of balance and space. Then you should consider the length of the rug. Keep in mind the floor vents, electrical outlets and door frames since they hamper the placement of the rug. If you have chosen the right dimension of the rug, it will perfectly fit inside the desired space and will help you achieve a classic and graceful look.

2.      Balance: Your rug should blend with the décor of your home and should create a visual relief. It should not look rushed or as if you have gone overboard. The trick is to match the colors and patterns with ease and to avoid large, animated patterns for the bedrooms rugs. Consider a solid rug for a room which has bold wallpapers. A monochrome rug will increase the elegance of the space and will help create a serene ambiance for the room. You can pick a color that has the same shade within the same room.

3.      Size: Depending on the space where you want to lay the rug, you need to consider the size. If you want to lay it below the coffee table, consider the size of the coffee table and ensure that the rug is slightly bigger in size. If you want to lay it under the dining table, ensure that it is big enough for the diners to move their chairs comfortably.

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