Tips on Taking Care of Your Roof All Year Round


A roof is the protector of all your belongings in the house as well as you and your family. If you take care of your roof, it will take care of everything that resides underneath it. So, you should maintain your roof regularly. Here we are sharing some useful tips that will help you take care of your roof all year round.

Do regular roof inspections – The first step in taking care of your roof is to inspect it regularly. When you inspect your roof you may find out any issue in its initial stage. Finding a problem in its initial stage means you won’t have to burn holes in your pocket to get it repaired. If you are unsure of the condition of your roof, contacting Happy Roof can help you know what the needs of your roof are and what needs to be done.

Clean your roof regularly – You should keep cleaning your roof on a regular basis. If you leave debris on your roof, it will collect water and deteriorate your roof condition. Pay more attention to the vulnerable areas like pipes, chimney, skylight and the angles between roof sections. Your regular cleaning habit can save you a few hundred bucks every year for roof maintenance.

Check the flashing – You need to take care of the metal strip at the joints of the roof. You should know that if the flashing is not in good position water will start slipping through the roof joint to your house. Don’t wait until you see water drops pouring into your house through the roof. Check the flashing and seal it immediately if needed. Don’t forget to scrub clean the area.

Repair and replace shingle tabs – If you find any lose shingle tab while inspecting or cleaning the roof, repair it immediately. You can do it on your own with small quantities of roof cement. And, if there are some damaged shingle tabs, replace them entirely. However, if there are lots of damaged or lose shingle tabs, you can take help of professional roof makers.

Remove the tree branches that touch or hang over the roof – Not only the roof but you should also take care of the surroundings. If there’s a tree whose branches hang over the roof, you should clip it out. The tree branches can not only damage the roof by rubbing over it but also make your roof accessible to squirrels and such other climbing animals.

Get your roof inspected by licensed roofing contract once a year – There might be some issues with the roof that you, as a layperson, cannot point out. So, it is always advisable to get your roof inspected by a licensed roofing contractor once in a year. And, the best time to do this is summer, when the snow has melted and the days are warm.

Take care of your roof because it takes care of your house and everything inside the house. 


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