6 Common Air Conditioner Problems You Must Be Aware Of


Having an air conditioner properly functioning in the room is essential for any home, especially if it is located in any hot region. If the AC malfunctions, then you will likely face great difficulties since you may have to live without proper cooling for a few days. To avoid this, it is necessary that you are aware of the signs of potential failure.
Below, we look at six common air conditioner problems. 
Coolant Leakage
Air conditioning works on a proper circulation of coolant that will cool the warm air. If you see that there is coolant leakage, you must immediately call an experienced AC servicing expert like Zipf-Air to handle such issues since the coolant is a toxic substance. As such, if you handle it without care, you can get harmed.

Electrical Issues
When you see that the AC only switches on after repeatedly pressing the remote button or it starts and shuts down on its own without you doing anything, it’s time to call an expert. These are signs of electrical issues that you should not ignore and required intervention from an expert. Internal components like a compressor might be failing. If you don’t correct the issue immediately, things can get worse and more components might start failing.
This one is easy to spot. The AC unit will start making strange noises. If your air conditioner has been quiet till now, then the noises will be very easily detected. These noises mostly indicate some unresolved internal issue. Do not leave the issue unattended or the entire unit might end up malfunctioning and you may have to replace it. 
Blocked Drainage
You should also check the drainage on a regular basis for any blockages. It is possible that in extremely humid situations, the condensate drain will get blocked, thanks to the accumulation of mold and other debris. If that happens, the AC will start showing problems with cooling. However, dealing with the issue is pretty easy since you only have to clear the blockage.

Generally, air conditioners do not emit any smell. However, if there is any problem on the inside, you might start smelling strange odors from the AC unit. For example, if an internal component has been burnt, you will inevitably sense a burnt smell. In the same way, excess moisture inside the unit will lead to the formation of mold. This can also emit a very unpleasant smell. When you sense such smells, be sure to check the inside of the air conditioner and correct the issue. 
Sensor Issues
Air conditioners work, thanks to the thermostats that control the cooling. They measure the temperature of the room on a consistent basis and control how much it has to be cooled. If the thermostat develops any issues, there will be a problem with the cooling. So, if you start sensing that the internal temperature of the room is getting warmer or too cold, that may be an indication of a malfunctioning thermostat. 

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