Make your Dream a Reality – Own a Lakeside Home


If you are someone who loves the outdoors, then South Carolina’s lakes are the ideal spot to set up a home. With verdant mountains in the backdrop and the cool ripple of fresh water providing a constant soundtrack, a life of beautiful sights and amazing experiences is waiting for you and your family. Fans of The Hunger Games movies would be familiar with Lake Jocassee, a pristine area that was once part of the Cherokee Nation, which explains the name. If you are looking for lakeside property, this corner of the Devils Fork State Park might just be what you have been looking for.

Surrounded by Pristine Nature

The crystal clear waters of certain parts of the lake are perfect for scuba-diving. Many people head over to Lake Jocassee and surrounding hills to enjoy some trekking and hiking. The Jocassee Gorges Wilderness Area is a popular destination for nature lovers. There are many waterfalls in the surrounding lakeside areas and the Twin Falls Trail is another attraction here.

If your idea of a good time revolves around good barbecue and adventure on a boat, the lake waters are all yours to explore.  You can kayak or canoe all year round and during the summers, the lake beaches look like they were dropped straight out of the Caribbean. There are boat rentals near the lake along with diving operators.

Jocassee – A Haven for Fishing Enthusiasts

Lake Jocassee is perfect fishing country because of its unpolluted waters and terrain. From record-size trout to salmon and bass, there are many reasons to cheer for game fishermen. The Lake Jocassee area is also known for the fishing boat facilities.

An All-Year Destination

The mild weather of Lake Jocassee makes it an all-year destination so you can head down here to escape dreary winters or spend some delightful summer months. The coldest averages do not drop below the twenties and the highest temperatures range below ninety.

Oconee and Pickens counties in South Carolina have all the basic facilities a family needs. Hospitals and county airports ensure that you are not far away from emergency services. There are more than half a dozen golf courses spread across the area if you ever fancy a shot at the greens.

How to Find a Home

Once you have been smitten by the picturesque trails and views of Lake Jocassee, you need to engage in some real estate research. How do you find the right plot at the right price? Local experts are needed to get the details sorted out as you look for your dream home. Some of the things to look out are local laws and price negotiation. A trusted and certified Lake Jocassee real estate agent will provide good financing options along with detailed market analysis to ensure that you make the right choice.

The Lake Jocassee area is attracting flocks of informed people looking for vacation and recreational property. These are some of the most pristine areas in the entire continent where you can set up a house. Learn more about homes on Lake Jocassee and enjoy some videos and images of its breathtaking scenery.

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