Popular Materials Used for Decking


Decks are artificially built platforms, a little higher than the ground level and built outdoors but attached to a building. They act as extensions of building as a substitute of a patio. These decks can be used for external cooking, seating, and outdoor eating. They look aesthetically beautiful when decorated properly with lights and accessories. Forestall is located between the Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches. The location makes decking popular. 

The Different Types Of Material Required For Decking Are:

1.Redwood and Cedar - Both these materials are like each other. This kind of wood does not decay easily, they are resistant to insects and lasts longer than other woods. They can be remodeled and painted easily. They are resistant to fire also. Thus, cooking on this kind of deck is safe. In order to keep the color intact, a stain must be applied on the deck. Four types of cedar are available in the market for decking. They are architect knotty, custom knotty, architect clear, and custom clear.

2. Pressure Treated –High humid places or the places which have the decks built directly on them are made of pressure treated. This material is prone to swelling which can be prevented if a lumber preservative is applied. A little maintenance will prevent the material to swell or warp and protects the deck from infestation.

3.Tropical Hardwoods – This material is like redwood and cedar, as it is naturally insect repellent and durable. Tiger woods, an example of tropical hardwoods is dark in color which appear to be rich. Fasteners are hidden in this material because of its durability which allows the homeowners to hide the drill holes. This type of Deckingcan last for more than 30 years easily.

4. Pressure Treated Lumber –One of the most reasonably priced material, this one is popular among people. Pressure treated lumber is extracted from Southern Yellow Pine Trees and has a green hue to it. Alkaline Copper Quaternary is a chemical applied to the material to treat it. This material has a few drawbacks too. It is not weather resistant, and it easily gets cracked or warped. Thus, it needs high maintenance along with proper care. Power washing and stain application are some of the methods of maintaining it well.

5. Metals – Metals are used for decking when constructed on a high level. It is available in a variety of colors and used for large areas. The way it is constructed makes it watertight. The few disadvantages it has is that the color might fade when exposed to sunlight for a longer time. It must be washed once a month to prevent water from collecting.

6. Wood and Plastic Composite – Composite materials are again a popular choice among the people. They appear as wood but does not have the disadvantages of the same. They last for a decade easily and are available in a lot of colors and finishes. The maintenance cost of this material is not too high and is available at reasonable price. 

If you have a large spacious backyard or a space attached to the house which can be used for decking, then there are several things to enhance the beauty of your house. There are so many options available today, but decking adds just the right level of utility with sophistication. Decking in Forestville is popular because of the weather conditions and the houses have the enough space for decks which are made using the materials stated above. Though the material used for decking in Forestville generally consist of wood but with the latest technology, composite materials are soon taking over the market, as it is becoming a popular choice among the masses.

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