Guaranteed Rent For Tired Landlords


If you are a property investor and struggling to see sustainable profits from your portfolio, you are not alone. In fact, with Brexit talks growing heated and the political environment divided here in the UK, more and more landlords are finding it difficult to find property solutions that offer guaranteed rent. This is creating an industry full of tired landlords and very little relief in sight. 

Property Sourcing And Investment Experts

 Fortunately, there is Profound Property Sourcing, a Kirk ham-based property sourcing agency focused on helping property investors, landlords, sellers or estate agents find, buy and sell commercial and residential properties. With an industry-leading team of experts knowledgeable in all aspects of property investing, Profound Property Sourcing offers guaranteed rents for today’s tired landlords.

How Profound Property Sourcing Helps Tired Landlords

 You might be asking yourself just how one of the UK’s top property sourcing firms can be helped tired landlords get guaranteed rents. After all, with all of the voids and hassles landlords have to deal with when it comes to their tenants, it can seem almost impossible. But with Profound Property Sourcing’s Guaranteed Rent Scheme, it is possible!
Profound Property Sourcing can guarantee rent on your property whether your tenants pay or not. This means no additional cover to protect yourself for rent arrears, less stress, and anxiety over your property investment, and more money in your pocket. You don’t even have to deal with tenant disputes, tenant’s evictions or any other legal issues when you use Profound Property Sourcing. We will even handle all of the legal expenses and court costs.

What You Get With Profound Property Sourcing

What else does Profound Property Sourcing’s Guaranteed Rent Service offer? Aside from guaranteeing your rents, Profound Property Sourcing will also advertise your property, finding suitable sub-tenants, create tenancy agreements including negotiated clauses, arrange independent Inventory, Gas Safety Certificate, and Energy Performance Certificates, manage tenant queries and issues for the property and more.

What You Don’t Get With Profound Property Sourcing

With Profound Property Sourcing, there are no more late payments, no problem tenants, no setup fees, no letting agency fees, no eviction costs and, most of all, no stress!

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